UE5 – Ducati

Ducati Scrambler - UE5

Automotive CGI has always been an interest but i’ve never found the right opportunity to push myself in this area until now. Working with Unreal Engine 5 for a while showed me that it was capable now of producing renders that can get very close to traditional rendering methods (Vray and Corona for example).

This was such a fun week long project that exposed me to a lot of the under the hood stuff within UE5 that i’m definitely going to be utilizing going forward. Quick but important shoutout to Anton Palmqvist for their VPKit blueprints. Very powerful and great to tinker with.

Most textures used are procedural or tiling maps I created in Substance Designer except for a few exceptions where I used Substance Painter.

4K renders using path tracer and some post-pro within Photoshop.